When we say "We Build Cool Stuff™," we mean it. We have mastered the process of creating large scale icons and replicas such as a full-scale Saturn V Replica, a 1:3 Scale Airbus A380, 50’ thematic character icons and full-scale displays and prototypes of the James Webb Space Telescope, to name a few. Our portfolio of 35 years consists of both projects large and small providing creative elements across the world. 

At the same time, we have skillfully fabricated thousands of one-of-a-kind designer elements, architectural environments, custom light fixtures and product replicas for numerous applications. 

Our ability to create makes us your best resource - truly speaking, your secret weapon - for telling the 3D story of your destination, idea, brand or product. Our customers value our ability to help them preserve a complex design intent, impress the world and simply execute a high-stakes project effectively and maintain budget. 

Penwal typically becomes the conduit between the owner, architect, designer, GC and engineering groups. We understand the requirements of the project team, providing much more than just a fabrication company. Penwal provides the "missing link" to the owner and designer for the creative elements of a project.