Innovative & Creative Solutions Provider

Penwal has developed an unmatched reputation for being a creative and results oriented company providing end-to-end solutions and services. As part of the project team, Penwal will ensure the vision, creativity and collaboration of the client / owner, designer and architect is properly interpreted and achieved for successful project delivery. 

Penwal’s unique strength lies in its ability to anticipate and respond to customers needs, viewing each project as an opportunity to apply our experience, insight and technical innovation while staying focused on deadlines and financial parameters. 

When a company chooses Penwal, they can be assured that the leading experts in the field are in control of all details necessary for the proper implementation and successful completion of their project.

In-house Self Performing Capabilities

Over the past 35 years, Penwal has grown from a 5 person, 6,000 sq ft facility to a 50+ employee team working together under a state-of-the-art 61,000 sq ft facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Our team of highly skilled and talented craftsmen and artisans (with vast experience working with composites, polymers, plastics, wood, glass and more), technicians, engineers, project managers, administrators and business executives are simply amongst best!

Penwal has become a leader, nationally and internationally, in design development and refinement, architectural engineering, custom fabrication, project management, and installation. When appropriate or if needed Penwal will partner with other firms, whose expertise complements our own, to produce and manage projects worldwide.

Extensive Experience  Within Multiple Industries

Penwal, a third generation company, was established in 1981. Our early years began working in the aerospace industry. Opportunities to partner in the development of all types of advanced materials, finishes and fabrication methods, sets us apart from the competition. And we have been applying and challenging this knowledge and experience, in numerous projects and a variety of industries over the years.  

Penwal has produced creative custom elements and environments within a wide range of schedules and budget parameters for resorts, entertainment destinations, casinos, retail, restaurants, museums, exhibits, commercial, civil, aerospace and aviation.

We have produced hundreds of designer and architectural elements for both indoor and outdoor environments, in a variety of sizes, scales, materials and degrees of complexity. We often integrate structural, electrical, mechanical, water, and illumination.